Selling your products or services online is the best way to run a business. But sometimes building an e-commerce website or mobile app that suits your business needs might be a little costly.

Entrepreneurs find a way to start something very small and scale it to a very big business. It's easier doing it online since you can start with pretty much zero investment.

Okay... So you have a business idea that involves you sell something to customers. Now you can get yourself an e-commerce website. It will cost you upfront money. This cost you might not afford while you are just getting started so the best way to do it then is to get yourself social media accounts.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn YouTube is free, you can create a new account in your business name and start finding your customers there. If you post content that helps the customer whom you want to sell something, they'll surely contact you asking about products you want to sell.

That's how you start your business online without investing in anything. Once you get your initial few customers, you can hire a web development agency to get yourself an e-commerce website which will then help you to sell your products and services easily and get paid directly while they make a purchase of your products on the website.